Through our personal experience with our son Henry, we decided to give back to the community and to families with pediatric heart patients.  Our fundraising efforts through the Henry Aucoin Foundation allow us to do that.  


Grant approval is not guaranteed nor is the monetary amount of the grant guaranteed.  

Each application is reviewed and approved on an individual basis.

Please note that leaving any portion of the grant application blank and/ or not providing requested documentation may result in the application being dismissed from consideration for a grant.

Grants are reviewed and approved or denied by the HAF Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

Deadlines for each quarter are March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

Each applicant will be notified via mail of their grant approval or denial within 15 days of the HAF Board vote.

Mail all applications and documentation to:

Henry Aucoin Foundation

P. O. Box 642

Metairie, Louisiana 70004

or email to

​ info@henryaucoinfoundation.org.